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Jamie and Dustin | Boston, Massachusetts

In 2011, when I met Ms. Jamie Rosenbach as Orientation Peer Advisors at James Madison University, Jamie instantly saw me, as me, and I her. She saw me in that perfect golden hour light, even on days I felt more in the clouds. She does that. As we like to quote, we "instantly became best friends". While we are best friends, and do have an intense love for each other (I won’t bring up the time my dad wondered if we were dating), that is honestly what Jamie does for everyone in her life. She sees us. She loves us. She celebrates us. She celebrates us all.

This year is my favorite, because ms. jamay we all get to celebrate you. We get to celebrate you and Dustin as you prepare to be married. As you buy and move into your first home. We celebrate you as you embark on all these incredible adventures with the man of your dreams, who makes you feel celebrated, seen, and loved.

You deserve the world my sweet friend, xo


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