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Lennon + Louisa | Fairfield, CT

When your bff has twins, and stops over your house for the afternoon, you force her and her man to pose for photos <3. This was not a planned photoshoot by any means, but I just couldn't resist. Lauren and Zach's lives have changed so much since we've known them. I mean, my favorite memory of Lauren is her throwing spaghetti into the ceiling fan in our apartment in Ashby. Something that hasn't changed - her ginormous heart and caring spirit (we met in nursing school so it makes sense). It's just that now all that love and care is devoted to this incredible little family she built in such a big way. I feel like i've said this a million times, but it has been truly an honor to watch her become a mom, and to witness her and Zach instantly becoming everything these little girls need. If you want to read more of their story, Zach has captured it beautifully here. I should pay him to write my blogs for me. Anyway, here are a few from our afternoon I just had to share :)


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