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Lauren, Lennon, Louisa + Zach | New York, New York

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of photographing my dear friend Lauren Obal and her fiancé Zach Mehan, at 26 weeks into Lauren's first pregnancy with twin girls! It was a beautiful day in New York, absorbing every drop of that first bit of spring warmth. I got to be with them in their home and their little party of the city, where they plan to raise their girls and grow their life together.

It was a week later, I was on an airplane editing their shoot, I'm sure stressing over what wedding and house details I could.  When I landed and saw a text from Lauren, "I'm delivered" my heart stopped. My world, a little bit too. I apparently, do not know the meaning of stress. 

A beautiful account of their story has been captured by Zach here, with updates on these strong, beautiful, little girls and their incredible parents. I don't really have the words like Zach does. I just have so many emotions and love for my best friend. I am in awe of her and Zach - their strength, their dedication, the immediate shift in their lives to these two little angels. That has always been Lauren - the giver. If anyone was made for this, it is her. 

I hope these photos and this post can honor her and her strength in growing those two babies in the incredible way she did, strong enough to overcome everything they've already gone through and what lies ahead. 


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