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Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Today, my new social security card came in the mail with my new name. I am now Lisa Valerie Platt! Valerie is the other name my Dad gave me, and don't worry Dad this one isn't going anywhere. Lisa Valerie Photography is my new business name (from Lisa Effren Photography), and will stay for a lifetime.

Thank you to anyone out there who has come over to the new site, and is sharing love! Changing my whole business name and website (and location) is overwhelming and a little daunting, but when I catch a little glimpse of people continuing to follow and enjoy my work it makes it feel so worth it. So keep "liking", keep sharing!

To anyone new - thanks for finding me! Now that you know my name, i'll catch you up on a little bit of important stuff. I've been doing photography since I was 18, and I've been running my photography business officially since 2013 out of Baltimore, Maryland & Alexandria, Virginia where I've lived (and worked as a full time Labor and Delivery nurse) since graduating from James Madison University in 2012. In the last few months I've moved back home to Connecticut, married the love of my life and my very best friend, purchased our first home together, demolished and remodeled our only bathroom, & went on an incredible honeymoon to Greece and Italy. #spoiled #bestyearever

As I finally settle in to real life with my husband and my french bulldog Jack Brown I am excited to re-grow my business in Connecticut (and beyond) where we have officially planted our roots. I still enjoy my work as a Labor and Delivery nurse, but the balance of both bringing life into the world and documenting the rest of it is what keeps me passionate, motivated, and happy.

Welcome to my blog and website! enjoy!

Our New Home!


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